Spring Data vs JPA

Hi All!

Hope everyone is healthy and coping well during this second lockdown and the overall difficult situation.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our next virtual meetup on Wednesday December 9th. Connection details will be shared to those who will RSVP before the event.

This time we will be hosting Sergiy Morenets who will talk to us from outside of Greece. Sergiy is a Java developer with more than 20 years of experience in enterprise applications. Over the last 7 years he is also teaching/training in back-end/front-end programming, databases and DevOps. He is the author of 4 programming books and a frequent speaker at Java Conferences. The talk will be delivered in english.

We will also be ruffling 2 1-year free licences from our sponsor Jetbrains for use with any of their IDEs.

Additionally we plan to give a try to https://gather.town/ to help us socialize virtually.

Talk information:

Title: Spring Data vs JPA
Abstract: JPA specification is one of the key aspects of ORM technology usage and commonly used with Hibernate as JPA provider and integrated with Spring/Spring Boot.

There’s also another player in this area – Spring Data JPA. This project focuses on removing boilerplate and simplifying database programming. It provides many repository abstractions for common operation and integration with most popular databases.

We migrated to Spring Data 4 years ago and gathered a lot of experience and positive feedback.

In this talk we will cover core differences between JPA and Spring Data usage, our migration story from JPA to Spring Data and Spring Data pitfalls/best practices.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
Giorgos & Dimitris