Software Testing Antipatterns & Selenium for Java Devs

Thessaloniki Java Meetup and Thessaloniki Software Testing & QA Meetup join their forces to discuss about software testing anti-patterns and do a brief introduction to Selenium for Java developers.

1. Testing nowadays is a serious thing with the agile transformation of many companies that want to have fast feedback to their sprints. This challenge needs collaboration of developers and testers so we will do an introduction of the most famous framework for end-to-end testing and we will discuss how object oriented principles can apply to a test automation framework.
Mr. John Pourdanis ( ) will present some Selenium samples for Java developers (and testers) with some tips for design a maintainable test automation framework.

2.In the second talk we will see the top 10 common pitfalls for testing. We will talk about unit and integration tests, what needs to be tested (and what doesn’t). We will talk about testing state vs testing behaviour and even mention one of the most controversial topics ever: code coverage (and how much is enough). Finally we will see how CI/CD and solid integration tests can play well together.
Mr. Kostantinos Kapelonis ( ) is a Software Engineer who loves clean and compact code, simple solutions and modular distributed systems. He hates feature creep, over-engineering, XML gluttony and monolithic systems. He has a soft spot for code Quality and build systems.

We will give away also 2 Voxxed Thessaloniki free tickets and 2 Jetbrains subscriptionhs