Serverless .NET using AWS Lambda: from zero to hero

Serverless challenges long-held beliefs about applications architecture and transforms the way we do business by providing a much cheaper
alternative to the traditional computing model of provisioning and managing our own servers.

Additionally, serverless applications scale automatically to precisely match the size of our workload.

AWS Lambda has been the first such managed service to launch by a Cloud provider back in November 2014 and it has changed the landscape since, leading other Cloud providers to follow suit.

Creating a C# Lambda function or application with .NET Core 2.x as its runtime has been available since January 2018 and in this
meetup we’ll explore lessons learned from the .NET serverless trenches in the months since.

We’ll start by going over some of the common use cases for Lambda functions, triggers and targets as well as limitations.

We will then go on to build an enterprise-grade Lambda function by starting small and then refactoring towards well-known Object-oriented programming best practices with an eye for resiliency and maximizing code re-usability.

Lastly, we will look into the available tooling options when it comes to managing a complete DevOps life-cycle of a Lambda function; starting with our IDE all the way to CI/CD pipelines.

Panos Tsilopoulos is a certified AWS DevOps professional.