Real world testing & Refactoring with a Kotlin twist

Hello everyone

We are really excited to announce our first gathering for 2018 at GDG Android Athens, that will take place on 31st of January at Innovathens powered by Samsung (

In our this meetup, Kostas from Advantage FSE will talk about Refactoring with a Kotlin twist, while our second speaker Dimitris from Novoda team will discuss about a real world testing with BDD & Espresso.

Special thanks to Advantage FSE ( for sponsoring the space, e-food ( for the pizzas and Pollfish ( for the beers!

1) Title: Refactoring with Branch by Abstraction and a Kotlin twist.

Description: Making large-scale changes to your codebase, like replacing a deprecated library with a new one, can be both fun and frightening. While everyone wants to be up to date with the current best practices, no one wants the merge hell that may follow. This session presents Branch by Abstraction, a technique which allows a system to change incrementally, and how a tiny Kotlin trick helps to implement it in a timely manner.

Bio: Kostas Tsalikis (, Android Developer @ Advantage FSE

2) Title: Real world testing with BDD & Espresso.

Description: Testing used to be seen as a “good to have” or even a burden in the development process. In this talk we’ll see how Behaviour Driven Development can help improve the quality of our products and also get the whole team to work closer. We will also see the toolset available to implement our testing solutions.

Bio: Dimitris Karavias (, QA Automation Engineer at Novoda

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