Pre-Voxxed Thessaloniki – November Meetup

November is a fantastic month for all developers in Thessaloniki as we have a bunch of amazing events. 

Thessaloniki Java meetup cannot be out of this celebration and we are hosting our November meetup with some cool talks and giveaways.

First of all, we have a new sponsor. We welcome Advantage Financial System Experts (AFSE)  that will be offering pizzas and beers and they will give a short presentation of the company and why they are getting involved in our meetup 🙂 

If you are curious to know, then feel free to join!

Our first talk will be done by Ioannis Kolaxis and it will be a nice tour about Java 9 new features. Ioannis will go through modules, jshell, the new syntactic sugar, jlink, improvements on the garbage collector and many more!

After a pizza and beers break, offered by our lovely sponsor (AFSE) Patroklos and it will share his amazing experience of being part of a distributed team of 330+ engineers all around the world.  If you really want to know what it takes to scale a team from 50 to x number of engineers then just come and attend my talk.

Last but not least we will draw 3 free tickets for Voxxed Thessaloniki. 2 of them are part of the community offering program of Voxxed and the 3rd one is a kind offer by our meetup sponsor.