Post-Summit Firebase meetup in Athens

Hello everyone

We are really excited to announce our new gathering for 2018 at GDG Android Athens, that will take place on the 31st of October at The Cube.

Following up Firebase Summit in Prague in October, Google decided to send over Mike McDonald, Product Manager at Google, to talk about Firebase at the local Android community here in Athens.

Special thanks to Advantage FSE ( for sponsoring the event!

1) Title: Zero to App: Building a Serverless App with Firebase and Google Cloud in 30 mins

Description: Firebase and Google Cloud Platform allow developers to build extraordinary mobile and web apps quickly. In this talk, Mike McDonald will build an app live on stage and demonstrate how to create a great user experience using Firebase. They then call into Cloud APIs, without having to spin up servers or manage infrastructure. You’ll experience firsthand how easy it is to build with Firebase, and how easy it is to scale with Google Cloud Platform.

Bio: Mike McDonald (, Product Manager @ Google. Mike helps developers build better mobile and web apps as a product manager on the Firebase team. Mike has been working on Firebase for four years, and has previously worked developing iOS apps at the Omni Group and building microprocessors at Texas Instruments. In his free time, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors, cooking, and hacking on embedded hardware.

P.S. We have an open invitation for anyone interested to speak at the next or any future meetup. You can easily do that online in this link (

We have also an open invitation for anyone that would like to sponsor GDG Android Athens Meetups and make everyone happy either by hosting an event or bringing the pizzas or beers!

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