Next-day Workshop: Introduction to the Ethereum Ecosystem

This is an introductory workshop aimed mostly at developers who have little to no experience with the Ethereum tech stack and are interested in learning how to interact with its blockchain using the available tools. We will show how you can deploy basic smart contracts and how to interact with them, both directly and through dApps(decentralized applications). Everything will take place on the Ropsten testnet. After participating, you’ll have plenty of knowledge that will help you use your own wallet, make transactions with it, participate in ICOs and even trade cute digital pets!
Do all of the above sound completely gibberish but also very interesting to you? Take part in the workshop to find out what the hype is all about.

** Prerequisites **
Adequate understanding of basic computer science and internet concepts are a prerequisite for attending the workshop. Mostly recommended for people with developer experience. You are encouraged to bring your own laptops in order to follow the examples.

** Schedule **
11:30-12:00 Setup and use an Ethereum wallet
12:00-12:30 Create and deploy your own ERC20 token
12:30-13:00 Participating in ICOs
13:00-13:30 Interacting with dApps through Metamask

** Facilitators **

Evangelos Barakos
Evangelos is a cryptocurrency/blockchain/decentralization enthusiast since 2015. He has 4+ years of professional software engineering experience, and has been working for blockchain startups such as Currently he is spending most of his time into discovering investment opportunities.

Modestos Kaffes
Modestos is a UI engineer, who’s recently been fascinated by the crypto space and the endless possibilities the blockchain technology introduced to society. Up until now, he has taken a good glimpse of the startup ecosystem, not only as part of ambitious teams but as a founder too, focusing on the product side of things. Currently, he is crafting delicate interfaces at Workable and he’s obsessed with simplicity and care to detail, but on his spare time is dabbling with mining and watching those altcoins making a crazy race to the moon.