.NET + Java Joint event : XMas edition

• What we’ll do
.NET and Java Thessaloniki meetups invite you to the last event of 2017. We are joining forces once again and we welcome one of the most active community members to present a very interesting tool and topis.

1. How to make your database 1000x faster with Apache Ignite by Klearchos Klearchou
We will examine most of the features that this “Swiss knife” software provides. It is an in-memory fabric that fits between the database and the application layer. Apache Ignite is powered by the H2 engine. They have used it to create an in-memory distributed ACID, fully ANSI-99 complaint, Highly Available (HA) and scalable database. They have used a non-consensus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendezvous_hashing) clustering algorithm to be even more scalable compared to other NoSql solutions. This tool respects the relational data model that we have used for so many years and eliminates traditional problems like the “expensive joins” since it uses the RAM as the primary storage medium. We will see what this tool can do in action through hands-on examples. We will create a cluster with our own laptops. The people who are interested to take part in the cluster please let me know so I will send you further instructions related to the software that you need to install.

• What to bring
Your XMas festive attitude is enough 🙂

• Important to know
Please make sure that you honor the RSVP feature to help us organize