Kotlin & The journey towards a platform agnostic code base

Hello everyone

We are really excited to announce our new gathering at GDG Android Athens, that will take place on 11th of October at The Cube.

In our new meetup, Antonis from Advantage FSE will introduce us to Kotlin, while our second speaker Alex from Novoda team will discuss how to move towards platform agnostic development.

Special thanks to Advantage FSE (http://www.afse.eu/) for sponsoring the space, e-food.gr (https://www.e-food.gr) for the pizzas and Pollfish (http://www.pollfish.com/) for the beers!

Important: Please RSVP to this meetup only if you will attend, in order to have a rough estimation of the number of people that eventually will come and therefore be able to properly prepare and arrange the meetup.



1) Title: Is this Swift for Android? A short introduction to the Kotlin language

Description: Do you like Java but wish you didn’t have to write so much boilerplate code? Kotlin is now an officially supported language for Android and has an answer for this. Kotlin aims to address many of the pitfalls that are common with Java development, while making your code more concise, safe, and expressive. It is also 100% interoperable with Java and can be mixed in the same project.

Bio: Antonis Lilis (http://www.linkedin.com/in/alilis), Mobile Solution Architect @ Advantage FSE.

2) Title: The journey towards a Platform agnostic code base

Description: Sharing the same codebase across different platforms is the number one dream to many developers. With Kotlin being the new official language for Android and it being already used on other platforms such as the web (and eventually iOS), it is the perfect time to talk about sharing code across platforms.

In this talk Alex will go through the steps he is following to achieve the cross-platform dream in his side project, Memento Calendar, from start to end of a feature. We are going to see how to structure your project so that your business logic is separated from platform specific code, how to write platform agnostic features and how to test them.

Bio: Alexandros Stylianidis (http://alexstyl.com) is a Product Designer at Novoda London with a strong background in engineering. He loves talking design and tech and has been into Android since 2.2 Froyo.

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