David Platt-Assisted Computing™: A New Design Paradigm for Apps Used By Seniors

EVENT URL: https://zoom.us/j/94175958289?pwd=UEtHN0tONGE0T1NpYUxZckg3bXgzdz09

Thessaloniki .NET meetup & Thessaloniki UX meetup proudly present David Platt in a talk about Assisted Computing™.

Seniors (people over age 65) comprise 15% of the US population today, projected to rise to 25% by 2060. Technology could greatly assist them to manage the challenges of aging, but far too often, seniors find it unusable. Their expensive computers and devices might as well be paperweights. These good people, who have earned every respect that we can give, are instead abandoned to freeze to death on the ice floes of modern technology.

Building apps that are usable by seniors isn’t just a matter of increasing text size. We need to understand and design for seniors’ unique physical, cultural, and cognitive requirements. It’s harder than it looks.

David Platt has created a new paradigm for apps intended for seniors. He calls it Assisted Computing™, modeled after assisted living. Assisted Computing will bring great benefits to these users’ lives, with minimal cost.

In this talk David will present a case study of a successful app that helps seniors access music streams from the web. He will demonstrate the Assisted Computing design process, show the working app, and discuss the role of the assistor. We will celebrate the ways, expected and unexpected, in which this app improves the lives of its senior users. We will conclude with a discussion of applying Assisted Computing to other types of apps.