Code scalability & Build in Docker with Jenkins

Hello everyone

We are really excited to announce the second gathering for 2018 at GDG Android Athens, that will take place on 29th of March at The Cube Athens (

In our meetup, Mando from Unify will talk about Building Android apps in Docker with Jenkins, while our second speaker Dionysis from car2go will discuss Code scalability.

Special thanks to Unify ( and Atos ( for sponsoring the space and beers and e-food ( for the pizzas

1) Title: Build in Docker with Jenkins.

Description: A walkthrough on setting up Jenkins to build our Android application within a Docker container.

Bio: Mando Stamelaki ( is a Software Engineer @ UNIFY, a mobile application developer that gets involved in DevOps solutions and survived to tell the story.

2) Title: Code Scalability

Description: At the bottom line our jobs as developers is one: Iterate or build quickly stable products. One might use what’s called “scalable code”. In this talk we provide architectural insights about how we transformed the car2go app from a “monolyth” to a modular, highly tested and adjustable app.

The slides will be in English and the talk in Greek.

Bio: Dionysis Lorentzos has spent his last 4 years working as a dev in the car sharing industry. His latest hobbies include writing functional code in Kotlin, warming with apartment with “./gradlew clean” or making websites with VueJs.

P.S. We have an open invitation for anyone interested to speak at the next or any future meetup. You can easily do that online at this link (

We have also an open invitation for anyone that would like to sponsor GDG Android Athens Meetups and make everyone happy either by hosting an event or bringing the pizzas or beers!

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