Athens IoT meetup #7 – AI, Bots and DevOps

Professional IoT developers and advanced IoT geeks, this event is for you!

Laurent Ellerbach, technical evangelist manager at Microsoft, will walk us through the “Internet of (his garden) Things” explaining the technical architecture details and decisions. Then he will show us how to integrate it with an AI bot (MS Bot framework) and how to utilize language recognition ( The session will be illustrated by a (real) bot remotely accessing his garden, house, wine cellar and more!

Costas Pipilas, econais CTO, will present their new project:
A CI/CD platform for IoT devices. Desploy is an effort to address IoT product challenges, by introducing the DevOps best practices in the IoT world. Let’s see how a CI/CD platform designed for IoT can make our dev-lifes easier with automation in building and testing of an IoT product.

Manolis Nikiforakis, Ex Machina CEO, will present how to setup a powerful industrial IoT solution for a typical energy monitoring use-case, built on open source technologies* and elaborate on various architecture approaches and challenges. (*Eclipse Kura/Kapua/Hawkbit,, AgileIoT,, NodeRED, OpenHAB, RPi, ESP8266/32, Modbus, MQTT)

18:00 -18:30 welcome coffee
18:30 -20:00 talks
20:00 standing light dinner / networking

Join us for drinks and networking as we listen to the IoT expert speakers giving some advanced IoT development insights.

Event location is ATHINAIS this time, co-hosted with Microsoft OpenHack. Use @iotathens ( to keep conversations connected.

See you there!