ASP.NET Core Workshop. Thessaloniki.NET meetup,QA meetup and React meetup united

Thessaloniki.NET meetup, QA meetup and React meetup united.
This workshop will teach you ASP.NET Core by doing.
You’ll learn by building a full-featured ASP.NET Core application from scratch.
We’ll start from File/ New and build up, step by step, to a complete conference management website from scratch.
The topics we ‘ll cover
– API back-end application,
– EF Core,
– Authentication
– Web front-end application.
– Testing a .net core app
Session #1 Get bits installed, build the back-end application with basic EF model
Session #2 Build out back-end, extract EF model
Session #3 Add front-end, render agenda, set up front-end models
Session #4 Add authentication, add admin policy, allow editing sessions, users can sign-in with Twitter and Google, custom auth tag helper
Session #5 Add user association and personal agenda
Session #6 Testing basics
Session #8 SPA front-end with react
– Laptop
– .net sdk ( )
– vs code ( )