App Performance & Product Flavors

** IMPORTANT: The event will take place at INNOVATHENS instead of The Cube where we usually organize our meetups! Entrance to the area will be from here:

Hello everyone

We are really excited to announce our new gathering at GDG Android Athens, that will take place on 6th of December at InnovAthens.

Due to to the popularity that we are receiving at our meetups, Google decided to bring to this event Royi Benyossef, a Google Developer Expert (GDE) on Android. Royi will speak on app performance and how to reduce cost while improving efficiency in Αndroid apps. Our second speaker Giorgos from Tripsta will talk about app flavoring on Android.

Special thanks to Tripsta ( for sponsoring the space, e-food ( for the pizzas and Pollfish ( for the beers!



The sessions will be in English.

Please RSVP to this meetup only if you will attend, in order to have a rough estimation of the number of people that eventually will come and therefore be able to properly prepare and arrange the meetup.



1) Title: App Performance – Savor every byte

Description: Let me be your guide on how to reduce connectivity costs and improve storage efficiency and user experience for your Android applications. In the session we’ll review case-studies I have encountered where application developers drained the user’s data plan without meaning to and explain how you can avoid it in your applications thus serving you users better and reduce churn.

Bio: Royi Benyoseff (, Google Developer Expert

2) Title: Adding some flavor to our apps! How tripsta is maintaining 3 brands on a common codebase.

Description: Having many applications to manage and maintain can be a pain. Being a multi brand company, tripsta needs to publish one app per brand (airtickets, travelplanet24 and tripsta). Through this presentation you will get a glimpse on how we tackle this problem using the flavor mechanism provided by Gradle. What are the benefits as well as the problems and how to overcome them.

Bio: Georgios Sarris (, Senior Android Engineer @ tripsta.

P.S. We have an open invitation for anyone interested to speak at the next or any future meetup. You can easily do that online in this link (

We have also an open invitation for anyone that would like to sponsor GDG Android Athens Meetups and make everyone happy either by hosting an event or bringing the pizzas or beers!

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