Android, Communities & You and Analytics in an Aspect Oriented manner

Hello everyone!

We are really excited to announce our next gathering at GDG Android Athens, that will take place on 13 June at The Cube (

Special thanks to our amazing sponsor Beat ( for supporting the meetup!

Our Sponsor:

Beat is the app that transforms the way you move around the city. Tap on a button on your smartphone and get a ride in just a few minutes. Beat started its life as Taxibeat, 6 years ago in Europe and 3 years ago expanded its operations in Peru where it serves millions of rides every month. It currently operates in Greece, Peru, Chile and Colombia with many new markets coming in the next months and years. Since February 2017 Beat is a member of, a Daimler AG subsidiary.


1) Title: Android, Communities & You

Bio: Alexandros Stylianidis ( is a Product Designer at Novoda London with a strong background in engineering. He loves talking design and tech and has been into Android since 2.2 Froyo.

2) Title: Analytics in an Aspect Oriented manner

Bio: Spiros I. Economakis ( is Lead Mobile Engineer @ Ergeon, a curious learner and passionate about software engineering and android. Big fan of KISS principle.


We have an open invitation for anyone interested to speak at the next or any future meetup. You can easily do that online at this link (

We also have an open invitation for anyone that would like to sponsor GDG Android Athens Meetups and make everyone happy either by hosting an event or bringing the pizzas or beers!


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