All things ClickHouse by Yandex

Hello, Big Data enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce our next event which is dedicated to ClickHouse!!! Core engineers from Yandex [ ], the company behind ClickHouse [ ], will speak about solutions, architectures, and internals of their open-source column-oriented database management system.


1st Talk:

Title: Fast and simple data exploration with ClickHouse

Abstract: ClickHouse is a free and open source analytical SQL database developed by Yandex, a major Russian internet company. Started as a backend to a web analytics service, it was open-sourced in 2016 and is steadily gaining adoption in AdTech, fraud detection, geospatial data and many other applications. What is the secret behind its popularity? This talk will give an overview of ClickHouse, and show how you can use it to experiment with your data and process your analytical queries in real time.

2nd Talk:

Title: Dive into ClickHouse storage system

Abstract: ClickHouse is well known to be blazing fast. But in production environments speed is not everything. A lot of companies over the world store petabytes of data in huge ClickHouse clusters of hundreds or thousands of nodes. But what allows ClickHouse to store so much data, and do it reliably? In this talk we will take a look under the hood of ClickHouse’s storage system and discover details of merge tree, the most powerful table engine family.

3rd Talk:

Title: Dive into ClickHouse query execution

Abstract: ClickHouse can process billions rows and tens of gigabytes of data per second. The process of query execution uses all available resources to get the result as fast as possible. Different aspects affects the efficiency of data processing. Column-oriented data storage and sparce primary index are perfecty combined with customizable compression methods, which allows to quickly access data from disk. Processing data in blocks encourages to use SIMD-optimized algorithms. Properly designed query pipeline contributes to optimal parallel data processing. In my talk I will describe the most interesting aspects of ClickHouse design which make it so efficient.


– Alexander Kuzmenkov: ClickHouse core developer, used to be PostgreSQL core developer [ ]
– Alexander Sapin: ClickHouse core developer [ ]
– Nikolay Kochetov: ClickHouse core developer [ ]


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– Channel VAS : [ ]
– Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece: [ ]


6:50 – Socialize
7:00 – Welcome
7:05 – 1st Talk
7:45 – 2nd Talk
8:20 – 3rd Talk
9:00 – Beers & Pizza


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