5 years Thessaloniki Java Meetup celebration

We are absolutely delighted to announce this meetup to celebrate our 5th anniversary! Join us at i4G Pro with two special guests.

Vaggelis Spathas (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vaggelis-spathas-2380ab29/), a Software engineer working on java programming at BETA CAE, will discuss “How to analyze your JVM application’s performance. Tools and techniques” and Ioannis Kolaxis (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ioannis-kolaxis/), Software Engineer @ Atos will explain how to “Improve the quality of your software in 6 steps”

Here is a non-restrictive schedule of the meetup event
19:00 – 19:10 – Networking / Socializing
19:10 – 19:55 – How to analyze your JVM application’s performance. Tools and techniques
19:55 – 20:00 -Short break
20:00 – 20:45 – Improve the quality of your software in 6 steps”
20:45 – 21:30 – Vassilopita, beers, giveaways, presents, socializing, networking

Below you can find the talk abstracts

1. How to analyze your JVM application’s performance. Tools and techniques
Where my app consumes all the time? How much it costs in CPU time a current method execution in your production environment? Can there be any memory leak in your app? What is happening with garbage collection and allocation rates? Is there any deadlock?
This talk will focus on techniques and tools for gathering metrics from JVM applications. Using tools like JVisualvm(https://visualvm.github.io/) and Arthas(https://github.com/alibaba/arthas) to measure, analyze and improve our application’s performance.

2. Improve the quality of your software in 6 steps
Do your customers keep complaining about bugs in your software application? Does it take you too much time to implement new features?
If you answered yes, then you probably have issues with the quality of your software application. Here are 6 practical steps that you could follow, to improve its quality.

25th Blockchain meetup: The EOS Platform

In this meetup the ComeTogether team (https://cometogether.network/) is going to introduce EOS to us.

The agenda for the meetup is:

19.00 – 20.00 Introduction to EOS
20.00 – 20.15 Break
20.15 – 21.15 Example EOS Application
21.15 – 21.30 Discussion / networking / end


Introduction to EOS
The audience is going to be introduced to the basic concepts and characteristics of the EOS platform. It will go through how scalable EOS is (explaining the consensus algorithm), as well as it’s governance and token model.

Example EOS Application
The ComeTogether EOS protocol/app is going to be discussed. From design decisions to implementation the audience will get an idea of how to go through the process of implementing an app in EOS. A demonstration of the app is going to conclude the talk.

Short Biographies of presenters:

Lazaros Penteridis (Founder/CEO)
Former AI and Robotics software engineer for 3 years. Has developed cloud robotics solutions, for clients such as Ericsson. MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).

Stavros Antoniadis (Co-Founder/Blockchain engineer)
Deep into smart contract development and cryptoeconomics. Formerly, mobile developer and test automation engineer at Schoox Inc. Final year student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, AUTH.

Nikos Chatzivasileiadis (Co-Founder/Full stack engineer)
Wide spectrum of software skills. Formerly, web developer intern at Veltio Greece Ltd. Final year student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, AUTH.

Stathis Mitskas (Co-Founder/Full stack engineer)
Has acquired three master degrees (CS, Finance-Banking, Leadership), two of which at the University of Bristol. Has been awarded the best paper on the 1st Workshop on Blockchain-enabled Networked Sensor Systems (BlockSys 2018).

The environment is casual and there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and more importantly get to know each other. After the event everyone is welcome to one of the nearby cafeterias to get to know each other.

Hope to see you there!

Συνάντηση 2019.01

Γεια χαρά σε όλους και καλή Χρονιά!

Την Πέμπτη 31 Iανουαρίου στις 19.00 θα τρέξουμε το επόμενο Athens Python Meetup, στα γραφεία της yodeck (https://www.yodeck.com/) στην Ομόνοια (1ος όροφος), που προσφέρθηκαν να μας φιλοξενήσουν και τους ευχαριστούμε για αυτό.

Θα μας μιλήσει ο Παντελης Πετρίδης [0], Co-Founder της Elorus (https://www.elorus.com/), σχετικά με “Horizontal scaling using Sharding in Django”.

Όπως πάντα μετά το τέλος της ομιλίας θα υπάρχει χρόνος για να τα πούμε, να γνώριστούμε και να ανταλλάξουμε απόψεις πάνω στην Python 🙂

Τα λέμε εκεί!

[0] Παντελης Πετρίδης: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pantelis-petridis-27b817/)

Let’s talk about … Java Security, Testing practices and Team dynamics

Happy 2019 to everybody!

We set the bar high with our last talk of 2018, so we needed an equally challenging event for 2019.

So, we are welcoming 2019 with a mini-conference and presenters from three different countries and two different continents:-)

This time we will host three different talks

1. A talk on Java security architecture, by Martin Toshev, of the Bulgarian Java User Group and Software Architect at Resolve Systems

2. Agile Testing Practices, with examples on Java, by John Pourdanis, Test Automation Engineer, ISTQB Certified Tester working for Pheron LTD (of the SchooX group)

3. How (not) to produce Software, and the intricacies of the team by Dimos Madarakis, Software Engineer @Tokyo, Japan (tele-conferencing)

More details on each talk, will be added in the following week, but I hope you are intrigued enough to rush and secure a place in the meetup:-)

We will be especially happy to have participants from other meetups, or any working software engineers that would like to expand their horizons:-)

Cryptocurrency Social meeting (last of 2018)

Κοινωνική συνάντηση στο crypto-friendly μαγαζί “Dastart” (http://www.dastart.com — στον πάνω όροφο) για να “τα πούμε” μια τελευταία φορά πριν το νέο έτος !

Social meetup at “Dastart” (http://www.dastart.com — upstairs) to get to hang out one last time before the New Year!

Hope to see you there!

And Merry Christmas to everyone !!

Networking & Xmas drinks – Digital Analytics Meetup #12

Καθώς μπαίνουμε στις γιορτές είπαμε να κάνουμε μια συνάντηση διαφορετική από τις προηγούμενες! Πέμπτη, 20 Δεκεμβρίου βρισκόμαστε στο bar Έπαυλη Μαρόκκου (Βασ. Όλγας 133, πρώην αστυνομία). Θα είμαστε εκεί από τις 20:00 για να γνωριστούμε καλύτερα και να πιούμε ένα (ή και παραπάνω) ποτά όλοι μαζί.
Ελάτε να ανταλλάξουμε ιδέες για επόμενα meetup, να συζητήσουμε αυτά που σας άρεσαν ή σας απογοήτευσαν μέσα στην χρονιά αλλά και για να μάθουμε λίγο καλύτερα ο ένας τον άλλο.
Σε αυτή τη συνάντηση δεν θα υπάρχουν ομιλίες.

.NET Core 3.0. An evening with Scott Hanselman

The highlight of .NET Core 3 is support for Windows desktop applications, specifically Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), and UWP XAML. You will be able to run new and existing Windows desktop applications on .NET Core and enjoy all the benefits that .NET Core has to offer.
Learn everything about it from Scott Hanselman (via Skype).

Συνάντηση 2018.12

Προγραμματίζουμε μια χριστουγεννιάτικη συνάντηση τον Δεκέμβριο.

Θα έχουμε 2 ομιλίες
* “Building a Flask application in Docker Swarm” by Transifex

* “A gentle introduction to Deep Learning using Keras” by Vladimir (Data Scientist at Warply) [0]

In this session, we will make a brief introduction to Deep Learning with a focus on using Convolutional Neural Networks for image classification.
We will be starting our journey in the mid-50s, with the invention of the perceptron, moving gradually onto multilayer neural networks, and finally into the recent advances in deep learning.
Next, we will briefly discuss some best practices used for deploying DL models to production and pushing them onto mobile devices.
Finally , we will code a Convolutional Neural Network using the Keras library.

No prior knowledge of Deep Learning or Keras is assumed.

Θα σας περιμένουμε στο hackerspace 🙂

[0] Vladimir-Vadim: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vladimir-vadim-iurcovschi-6a8620163

Sony: Digital analytics in a global brand – Digital analytics meetup #11

Hello data enthusiasts!

We are super excited to announce our next event that will take place on Thursday, November 29th at 6pm. This event will be in English.

Be careful, the venue and the starting time is different! We meet at the amphitheater of TEE-TKM (https://goo.gl/maps/6FLDkTXEvP42) at 6pm. A much larger and comfortable venue, located close to the city center.

Sony Electronics Europe (https://www.sony.co.uk/) will be joining us for this event! This is THE SONY electronics. Sony creates and delivers more entertainment experience to more people than anyone else on earth. It’s the Japanese tech giant who has created iconic products like the Sony Walkman and the VAIO laptops. Sony is a global data-driven brand, with strong online presence and a complex web analytics and digital marketing ecosystem. We’ll get a chance to have an open discussion with 2 members of the Pan-European analytics team, about all the technologies and processes that makes the organization work efficiently with the help of their in-house team of analysts and their external vendors.

– Speakers
Our main speaker is Demis Pinamonti (https://www.linkedin.com/in/demispinamonti/), web analytics and media performance manager for Sony Electronics Europe. An experienced digital marketing strategist, specializing in web analytics and multi-channel campaigns reporting, conversion rate optimization, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Demis is managing for the past 2 years the web analytics marketing department of Sony Europe. He will walk us through the challenges a web analytics manager needs to face when dealing with a global can complex brand like Sony Electronics. We will also get the chance to see how online marketing channels and marketing vendors are utilized and how a small analytics team can produce reports with valuable insights.
Our second speaker is Alistair Zenou (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alistair-zenou-049175114/) also a member of the analytics department in Sony Electronics Europe. Alistair is working with Demis as an Online Sales & Marketing Analytics Assistant Manager. He has previously worked with web analytics in the automotive industry. He is experienced in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and many of the top BI tools. Alistair will walk us through the tools he uses on a daily basis, allowing him to generate actionable consultancy based on digital performance to help managers make the right decisions and boost digital R.O.I.

– Q&A session
Both speakers will also be taking questions from the audience. If you want to learn more about the responsibilities, the daily tasks and the challenges of a web analytics department of a global organization, send us your questions! Feel free to send us messages with your questions using our Facebook page: https://m.me/digitalanalytics.gr

– Schedule
The meetup’s schedule this time will be the following:
18:00 – Doors open
18:30 – Talks / Q&A session
20:00 – Networking & drinks

– Registration
As always, everyone can attend the meetups at no cost, just by completing a registration on meetup.com

You can find more details about this meetup and news from our community on our official website: https://digitalanalytics.gr/